Soutee "You"

Soutee "Last Feelings"

Beatalistics digging deeper into the quicksand of emotions with its digital release No 17. SOUTEE from Sankt Petersburg delivers 2 deep and thoughtful rollers, forming his debut single for Beatalistics. “YOU” reminds of the good and bad vibes you can have by thinking of the one you used to love. Thinking over your feelings in slow motion as the snare keeps hitting in the intro. Raising up the temperature with the dropping bass, additional drum elements, precise vocal ads and hypnotizing atmospheres. It´s like remembering all positive and negative experiences in one single moment. Explode - too hard to handle. “Last feelings” describes the aftermath after that clash of emotions. You feel empty and lonely as the pumping bass-waves keep you moving on. The clear, broken beat helps you to move on, to walk along, to go on! The significant vocal line and the melancholic atmosphere sounds keep ringing in the back of your head – sure you won´t forget, you won´t regret your last feelings.