DAYNI & KYRAD - Swiss Bliss E.P.

Dayni – Too much booze
Dayni – No Name
Kyrad – Nothing to go
Kyrad – Mini Dump

The sound of Switzerland is taking over one more time! Beatalistics artist Dayni teaming up with his long-time friend Kyrad for their debut E.P. on the South-German imprint. Each of them provides two bangers to complete a solid bundle of beats. “TOO MUCH BOOZE” by Dayni is like a punch in your face – a strong and precise rhythm in combination with a pounding bassline. The razorblade-reese-sound kills it finally! “NO NAME” is Dayni´s second tune and it´s baaad as well! Dive into a Downtempo-Killa-Vibe with that one! Fresh hip-hoppy grooves to nod that heads out there. Kyrad comes along with “MINI DUMP” and raises up the temperature again. This one explodes like a time-bomb after a long intro that builds up the pressure. Crystal clear sound- and beat-structures affect your perception until there´s no other way – you start moving and shaking your body. “NOTHING TO GO” is the special tune of the E.P. The vibe is different – Kyrad shows his love to melody and catchy sounds - and we love what we hear! This tune will keep you smiling on while you turn down the window of your car to enjoy the fresh breeze. Well, definitely time to bring on that springtime finally!