“Straight Away”
“Into The Sound”
“Day Off And Get Down”

Beatalistics 020 takes you “Straight Away” from everyday-troubles to a better place. The Basle-based “Physicalz” deliver another E.P. with 3 catchy Drum´n Bass anthems that tent to dig a little deeper as well and a special downtempo-tune with an immense vibe. The title track “Straight Away” is a rollin´beauty through and through. Clear drum works with diverse snare fills combined with a rollin´bassline alla Logistics or Nu:Tone. “Words” has a strong character! Everything is in its right place. After the long and hypnotizing intro of atmospheres and vocal samples, saw sounds and precise bass-kicks lead you all the way. “Into the Sound” starts with a strong, up building intro of shocking sweet synths and harmonies. The drop turns this honeyed start into a monster though! A broken beat, deep basslines and pounding saws take over. “Day Off And Get Down” is the special one on the E.P. Building up like a Drum´n Bass tune with a great Hip Hop beat intro, it keeps this amazing vibe all through the tune. Combined with sweet effects and melodic harmonies it´s an absolute wonderful tune to start your day with or to nod your head anytime!