Flowrian "Enter NIRVANA" (VIP RMX)

Qumulus "The Urban Jazz Conspiracy"

Vince Grain "Memories"

Mental Chemistry& Beepo "Masquerade"

“Enter Nirvana (VIP RMX)” by the swiss-based Flowrian delivers a typical “Flowrian” vibe. Rolling beats with warm Rhodes structures lead towards an incoming wall of bass! Representing UK, QUMLUS demonstrate the inner core of the Beatalistics family. “The Urban Jazz Conspiracy” is characterized by a 70ies Soul Sample and liquidbeats and a huge bassline, directly from the street. Vince Grain is one of the new enties on Beatalistics. The german producer contributes with “Memories” a very special ambient/ electro tune to this E.P. . Minimal beats and a very atmospherical pad sounds combine witch hypnotic voclas. Mental Chemistry & Beepo also make their firs apperance on Beatalistics Rec. The two artists from Romania deliver a liquid smasher. Melodic horns, a funky vibe and a soulfull vocal sample deliver the special flavor.