Beatalistics 008 Dust Layer LP

The contrasting visions of a name like Wright & Bastard, alongside his soulful, melodically manufactured sounds add a layer of mystery. Living in Leipzig / Born out of Annaberg-Buchholz, the producer has pulled together a style of drum & bass which has become a resounding part of the European club circuit. And he has been working on this next release with the upmost precision, drawing out a selection of his most pivotal tracks to deliver a full spectrum snapshot of his musicality, pushing himself into a fiercely competitive circuit whilst proving he can stand against more longstanding artists.

The ‘Dust Layer’ LP (Album) brings together thirteen, ground breaking records which signify the next steps for Wright & Bastard. From the echoing electronic chambers of ‘Virtual Rainbow’, to the orchestral pitches of ‘A Bit Like’, his careful track listing may be your first introduction to the outfit, but it’ll be a starting point for a blossoming love of his music. ‘Behind the Smile’ draws from a gradually built intro, fluctuating between drawn out, dainty beats, switching the tempo down for his second offering.
An especially diverse album, Wright & Bastard open up and expose the skills he has at his disposal. ‘Dust Layer’ represents yet another step in his rite of passage and it points towards the direction he'll be moving in following years of perfecting his art. And it certainly highlights his relentless drive to the top.