Physicalz- “Fly Abroad”

Physicalz- “Strong Rememberings”

Physicalz- “Nightlife”

Physicalz- “It´s Free”

Beatalistics 009 lets you “fly Abroad” to Switzerland again with the homonymous E.P of the Basle-based “Physicalz”. Two catchy Drum´n Bass anthems and two down-tempo works of art make this E.P. a diversified listening experience. The smasher “Nightlife” is characterized by strong beat elements, crippling atmospheres and breathtaking saw-sounds. This one is for the dancefloor-cru, boooh! The 2nd Dnb tune “Strong Rememberings” is a deeper piece of music combining strong basses with a hazy melody-line that is surely anchoring in the back of your head.  On the other hand, “It´s Free” is absolutely special. The four and a half minutes Hip Hop Intro is going right under your skin. Hypnotizing beats and atmospheres let you dream away and explode in a Drum´n Bass final of highest grade. The outstanding title track “Fly Abroad” is the E.P.´s masterpiece. The constant Hip Hop vibe throughout the tune makes you losing ground – ready, set, go! Listening to this tune is like knowing about the troubles of the word and being in the position to heal the wounds. You are at the heart of it all and furthest away at the same time. Make your own decision – make your own experience – set you free!

Beatdig 009 Physicalz_Fly Abroad by Beatalistics Rec.