Duoscience "Flavour of the night"

Duoscience "Betting"

Duoscience & Tico Pro "Questions"

Straightly heading towards summertime, Beatalistics conquers with some lovely liquid-vibes outta Brazil. DUOSCIENCE is without any doubt one of the fastest rising newcomers of the last few months. With releases on imprints like Fokuz, Celsius, Influenza media or Bassdrive tunes, his name got recognized in the scene and his tunes got support by ones like Chrissy Chris, Stunna or Random Movement. His debut E.P on Beatalistics consists of three distinctive pieces of music. The title track”Flavour of the night” is a melodic and catchy liquid roller characterized by harmonic rhodes, keys and a melodious bass pattern. “Betting” definitely goes deeper! The clappy beat, roaring sub-basses and reece-effecs make this one burnin´ on the dancefloor. For sure you won´t waste your time as “Betting” is not just a test. Anyhow, that´s what the vocal adds of the tune say! “Questions” starts with a halftime intro and vibrating guitar chords that make you think of a western movie. Samples of snuffling and neighing horses underline the character of this special song. DUOSCIENCE demonstrates his talent to create various moods and to dive into different styles of drum´n bass. Are you with us?

Beatdig 013 Duoscience_Flavour of the night by Beatalistics Rec.