"Lonely Dancer"

"Shared Memories"

And again it´s time to feature one of Switzerland´s Drum´n Bass talents. PULSAAR already released on labels like Good Looking Records or Jazzsticks Recordings, so his name has been recognized in a positive way by the scene before. He delivers two proper liquid rollers for Beatalistics. SHARED MEMORIES is characterized by its powerful rhythm and the groovy pumping bassline. Perfectly arranged key-fills and distinctive vocal samples complete this amazing summer tune. LONELY DANCER is a deeper and slower one on the flip. Imagine yourself standing in the corner of a dark and smoky club. This tune makes you find the way through darkness and flickering lights onto the dancefloor. Mesmerizing beat elements keep you going. The alternating waves of sound and the delayed keys and effects blow your mind like a never-ending dream. But you are awake – and you are dancing all alone. You and the music!

Beatdig 014 Pulsaar Lonely Dancer by Beatalistics Rec.