Hi Vitality Ep. Vol II

Ms Dos& Motta "Positive"

Subsequence "Solomon"

Dayni "Unreality Dub"

Dj Clart "Demons"

Beatalistics is coming down with the second edition of the Hi Vitality E.P. The first release in 2013 is a compilation of various artists that have all been featured on Beatalistics before. “Demons” by the UK-based DJ Clart delivers an unusual Clart-vibe. Minimal beat structures lead towards an incoming wall of bass! Surprisingly he shows his deeper side and states the fact that everyone has a dark side – let out the demons! Representing Switzerland, Dayni and Subsequence demonstrate the inner core of the Beatalistics family. “Unreality Dub” by Dayni is characterized by pumping beats with kicking cymbal-sounds and sub basses from hell. A dominating saw-sound leads through this neuronal masterpiece. Subsequence contributes another deep, dark and devilish track to this E.P. “Solomon” speaks a certain language. Precise beats and a spooky piano-line in combination with dreary basses sum up the bedeviled sounds. Motta & MSDos are bringing the E.P to an “Positive” an. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it´s shining bright! Melodic horns, a funky vibe and an affirmative vocal sample deliver the special flavor. Welcome back to the bright side of life.