Mental Chemistry & Beepo – Pipeline
Mental Chemistry & Beepo - November

After featuring “Mental Chemistry & Beepo” on the latest Hi:Vitality various artists E.P it was without any doubt that these artists hailing from Romania will be back on Beatalistics Records soon. Now they deliver an outstanding single with two crystal clear liquid bangers focusing on as much soul as possible. “Pipeline” is a smooth and classic roller with an intelligent bassline, remembering the good old Good-Looking-Records-days. Hypnotizing keys and effects complete this sensual listening experience. Are you still dreaming or already dancing? “November” on the flip got a different vibe and its very own funk. A spectacular broken-halftime-beat and twisted melodic riffs form the bedrock of this extraordinary piece of music. Delayed Sax licks, vocals samples and touching atmospheres catch you and keep you tight to the groove until you start nodding and shaking. No matter where – no matter what – you will hear what he got! Special!