Wright&Bastard- Floating Dust E.P.

Wright & Bastard from Germany joins the Beatalistics family with a musically spectacular E.P consisting of soulful Drum'n Bass music and chilled Trip Hop beats. The 'Floating Dust' package includes the two Liquid Funk rollers 'Bad Habits' and 'Floating Dust'. 'Bad Habits' is a dreamy deep piano based tune concluded by ambient-like pads and effects grounded by a solid rhythm and bass construct with the certain amount of depth. The title track 'Floating Dust' is a very special piece of Drum'n Bass. A melanche of soulful horns, an organic bass with lots of sustain, harmonic pads and a playful but very strong broken beat with rolling snare-fills. Superb! The Downtempo side of the E.P shows the musical variety of the new family member. The Glitch Hoppy 'Fading Away' touches down with a pounding beat and a melody that sticks in your head at first listen. 'Dat Vibe' brings back an original Trip Hop vibe we've been waiting for for a long time. Timeless and extraordinarily groovy. 'Drive' features Leipzig's finest in touching music Wintermute and shows a rather melancholic character. The perfect outro for a wonderful and diverse compilation of quality music.